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I Support the BARGE Board

For the permanent record I fully support the BARGE board's recent moderation actions. 

I just wish the action was taken sooner. 

Randy's Pool

19 left. So I've zagged while most survivors zigged two weeks running. 3 already out picking MIN this week.

I wonder if there will be 17 picks for GB Sunday? 1 for NE, 1 for DEN? 

West Coast vs. East Coast


Article claims that west coast teams beat the point spread 70% against east coast teams on Monday Night Football. 

Of course now that the article has been published I'm sure Vegas will adjust? 

Cows Kill More People Than Sharks

Things I didn't know. 

Cows kill more people than sharks. 


Star Wars Issue

Why would they hide Luke Skywalker from the Empire on the same planet his father grew up on with his relatives without even changing his surname?  

2012 BARGE Chips

Dear ARGers and Poker Chip Collectors.

Please order your 2012 BARGE Chips today. They are very special. They took a lot of hard work. These won't be available much longer.


Get your warm cola!

It has been a while since I've taken science class but I'm pretty sure 39F is not "ice cold!"

The best quote from the article: "There would have been 130 [budget cutting proposals], but Representative Steve Womack of Arkansas retracted his proposal to cut off financing for President Obama’s teleprompter."

Really? Really? There was a proposal to cut off financing for Obama's teleprompter?


Why iPhone Developers Have No Hair


Nice post on auto-rotation issues on the iPhone. Most of the iOS SDK is beautiful. Auto-rotation is not.
There is a certain country where everybody wants to have a son. Therefore each couple keeps having children until they have a boy; then they stop. What faction of the population is female?

The common Google accepted answer seems to be wrong?

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